Profen Communications Technologies

Profen Communications Technologies


Established in 1995, PROFEN© Communications Technologies is a global communications company based in Istanbul, with branch offices in Ankara and United Kingdom. Profen is a leading solution provider in satellite communications and product distributors for market leading companies.

Highly experienced in satellite communications; from geographically dispersed VSAT networks to building gateway earth stations and data centers, Profen Communications Technologies can design and install complex next generation n etwork infrastructure solutions that merge Satcom, microwave radio relay and fiber optic technologies. Using the expertise of its group companies, Profen Communications Technologies provides turn - key solutions for its customers in Broadcasting, Government, Enterprise, Internet and Telecommunications sectors. Profen´s end to end solutions includes consultancy, program management, design, integration, installation and commissioning, testing, after sales support and training.


Profen´s competitive advantage comes from a full portfolio of services and capabilities. This flexibility gives Profen the competitive edge and is a single source supplier of all products and systems required for end - to end terrestrial satellite based communicatio ns infrastructure. Profen´s experience and know - how enables it to meet the rapidly changing needs of the satellite communications market and to provide the highest levels of quality and precision.

Profen has high degree of technical expertise in design, development, system integration and provision of satellite communication systems, earth stations and networks. Detailed technical proposals are prepared before the project award, which includes extensive system design, analysis, link budgets and reliability considerations to ensure Profen delivers complex network solutions that are reliable and cost effective.

For legacy systems´ Profen provides retrofit upgrades, refurbishment, relocation & realignment, repair & replacement services. With a team of highly experienced and Industry trained Personnel, Profen can deliver Projects of any size and budget. Profen´s senior staff exhibit excellent project management and communication skills for challenging environments where security, cultural, ethnic and environmental factors are determining factors.

Profen offers a full line of maintenance services contracts, including preventive maintenance, remedial maintenance, full service maintenance contracts for customers continuous support requirements. These services, given by experienced field technicians and engineers, provide continuous operation of the systems with minimum downtime and repair costs.

PROFEN´s Customer Support Center Help Desk provides 24/7on-call or e-mail support with its experienced technicians and engineers. Any problem that require technical assistance are escalated to the on-duty technicians and engineers.

Profen´s reputation is based upon providing a comprehensive service from initial applications advice through complete product selection to after sales care and support. Our fully equipped microwave and RF laboratory ensures that all products and systems provided by Profen have been tested to meet published specifications and regulatory requirements.

With ISO 9001 and 14001 registry, Profen Communications Technologies conforms to all relevant standards for lifecycle, quality and management.


Profen offers a unique set of capabilities by developing Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) system products designed and qualified for tactical environments for governments worldwide.


Profen designs and installs complex Next Generation Network Infrastructure Solutions that merge Satcom, Microwave Radio Relay and Fiber Optics Technologies as well as earth stations for its customers.


Profen provides satellite based Internet backbone access infrastructures including earth stations, satellite enhanced IP accelerators and advanced modem technologies for international lSPs who need broadband connections to the U.S. Internet.


Our Broadcast Technology Team provides needs assessment, project planning, Broadcast Center design and implementation. Our Broadcast Technology Team is an expert in Broadcast facility design and multimedia content distribution.


Profen designs and installs complex Medium Area/Wide Area Ethernet network Infrastructure Solutions that merge Satcom, Microwave Radio Relay, Laser link and Fiber Optics Technologies.