Profen Defence Technologies

Profen Defence Technologies

Established in 2012, with its two off ice locations in Istanbul and Ankara, PROFEN Defence Technologies provides Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) and tailor - made communication solutions to military and government organizations worldwide. As a solution partner with leading defen ce companies, PROFEN Defence Technologies installs, integrates and commissions strategic and tactical legal communication interception systems. In addition, it provides annual maintenance contracts for communication interception systems according to the ne eds of its customers. With its dedicated Program Management team and experienced engineers, PROFEN Defence Technologies provides services in theatres of operation and conflict areas worldwide.

For homeland security, PROFEN Defence Technologies provides f lyaway and vehicle mounted satellite terminals and associated network services with the capability in satellite based Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) services for monitoring critical infrastructure, ship - borne and air - borne SOTM terminals, telemetry, tracing systems for radar and remote sensing satellite systems and RF surveillance systems.

In addition to defence projects, PROFEN Defence Technologies Ankara office acts as the government liaison office for all PROFEN Group companies with i ts strong connections at relevant government institutions. Having Facility Security Clearance, the Ankara office boasts full national and NATO secure premises with all its´ staff holding personal security clearances. This allows PROFEN Defence Technologies to take part in National and NATO "SECRET" government, defence and security projects.


  • Full Turnkey Thuraya Monitoring System, Strategic & Tactical
  • Full Turnkey IsatPhone Pro Monitoring System, Strategic & Tactical
  • VSAT Monitoring System
  • Modular Electronic Warfare System
  • RF Surveillance
  • New Generation Digital Troposcatter System